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Eastern Sunshine PTY LTD.


High-Quality Team

Our CEO, Mr. Jiang Yutian, is a mechanical and electrical engineer who has managed his own solar energy company in China for more than 20 years. He has extensive professional knowledge and management experience in the solar energy industry, and our team can provide users with professional and high-quality service. Our installers all hold Australian electrical and solar installation licenses and have more than 10 years of solar system installation experience, ensuring installation quality. 

We have installed over 300 solar systems, including 5KW, 10KW, and 15KW residential systems, as well as 30KW, 50KW, and 100KW commercial systems.

Quality Assurance 

Oriental Sunshine Pty Ltd provides the most advanced solar panels, inverters, and accessories that meet Australian standards. All manufacturers have a production history of more than 10 years, with marketing sizes of over $50 billion and are among the top three in the industry. Additionally, they have been verified in Australia for more than 8 years.

Australian Warranty 

The manufacturers of the products we provide all have after-sales service companies in Australia, ensuring fast and efficient service.

Operations and Maintenance Every solar system we install is connected to our customer solar system monitoring center via wireless network, enabling us to monitor your solar system's real-time operation. If there is a malfunction, we will send a staff member to the site for repair within 24 hours, reducing customer safety risks and economic losses.

Partnering with Oriental Sunshine Pty Ltd is the right choice for you!

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