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1.How to choose the size of your solar system?

Choose the size of the solar system, one is based on the grid company's restrictions on electricity sales, the other is your electricity consumption, and the third is based on your roof area and orientation.

(1)Regarding the electricity sales restrictions imposed by grid companies on solar customers

The power grid company's restrictions on the sale of electricity to household users are divided into single-phase power users and three-phase power users.

Single-phase electricity users stipulate that a maximum inverter of 5KW (with a battery panel of about 6.66KW) can be installed to limit the sales of electricity to 5KWH per hour. If you want to install more, you must install a current limiter. Users, please note that unless you use a lot of electricity during the day, if there is a swimming pool or someone at home during the day uses electricity all the year round, otherwise, the excess electricity will be wasted.

Three-phase electricity users can install up to 15KW inverters, but users with more than 10KW will sell electricity at a lower price. Unless you basically use up the electricity generated by solar energy during the day, it is best to control the system to less than 10KW.

(2) If you use it for your own use, it will be selected according to your previous electricity consumption.

If you are a single-phase electricity user, a 6.66 kW solar system can generate an average of about 9,000 kWh per year. Calculated at $0.15/KVA, the annual income is $1350. If your electricity bill is within $1350 in the past year, installing a 6.66KW solar system is enough.

If you are a three-phase electricity user, and the roof consumes a lot of electricity, it is recommended to install the inverter to 10KW-15KW, and the battery panel 13.2KW-20KW.

(3) Choose according to the roof area

The battery panels are installed on the roof. If the roof area is large, you can install more, and if the area is small, you need to install less.

A set of 6.66KW solar energy system can be installed on the roof in two directions at most, and at least 2KW of power must be installed in each direction, otherwise the system will not start generating electricity due to low voltage. Therefore, not all roof areas can be installed, please ask our professionals to design and evaluate with remote software or on-site measurement evaluation. Oriental Sunshine's engineer evaluation is free.

2.What are the benefits of installing a solar energy system?

Because the installation of solar energy can save energy and reduce emissions, the government has installation subsidies, so it is a high-efficiency and risk-free investment. Generally, the cost can be recovered within 3 years, and the annual income is about 26%. Product life more than 10 years (10 years warranty for inverter, 12 years warranty for battery board)

Calculated as follows:

If the cost price of a 6.66KW solar system is 3800, the annual power generation is 9000 kWh, and the price per kWh is 0.15 (buying electricity 0.12, buying electricity 0.19, average 0.15), the annual income is 1350, about two years and 10 Monthly return [3800/1440=2.81 years (2 years and 10 months]) 10-year total income is 9,700 yuan, and the average annual income is about 26%.

3.What is the procedure for installing a solar energy system?

(1 ).Quote

The quotation requires the following information from the customer:

(a) Inform the user of the installation address, email address, telephone number and the name of the owner (non-owners are not eligible for installation).

(b) Take pictures of the electrical appliances in the meter box. If the switch box and the meter box are separated, take a photo of the switch box.

(c) Inform the electricity consumption in recent quarters.

According to the above information, the salesmen of Oriental Sunshine Company will first design and quote you with professional design software. If necessary, our engineers will go to the site to check and measure.

(2). Make an installation contract

If the customer has no objection to the quotation, the two parties sign the "Installation Contract"

(3). Pay the deposit

(4). Arrange the installation time

After paying the deposit, the installation will generally be carried out in about 10 days.

(5). Installation

The installation generally starts at 8 o'clock in the morning and ends around 2 o'clock in the afternoon for the 6.66KW system. The 10KW system ended around 5pm. It is best to keep people at home on the day of installation. Once installed, your solar system is ready to start generating electricity.

(6). Change the meter

For non-digital old meters, electricity retailers will replace them free of charge after solar installation (new meters do not need to be replaced). Our electricians have notified the grid company to replace the meter, and they will notify the user by email or SMS within 3-5 days after the installation of the solar system is completed. change time. Users who have a walled meter box that cannot be approached should keep people or open the wall, otherwise. There will be an additional charge for the second meter replacement. You can change the watch without leaving anyone at home.

If you have not received the meter replacement information within 7 days after installation, please call your electricity retailer with the EWR number, and the electrician will send the EWR number to your mailbox within 2 days after the solar installation.

(7). Electricity price negotiation

After the electricity meter is replaced, the customer can negotiate the electricity price including the electricity selling price and the electricity purchasing price with your electricity retailer. Otherwise, electricity retailers won't give you a good price.

Note that this work must be done after replacing the electric meter (the new electric meter does not need to be replaced), otherwise, it will affect your replacement of the electric meter. Because the electrician's application for a replacement meter is performed by your electricity retailer at the time, if you switch to a new electricity retailer before the meter replacement, the meter replacement work will stop. The task of changing the meter needs to be performed by the new electricity retailer, and the electrician needs to apply again, which requires the customer to pay an application fee to the electrician.

At this point, your solar installation work is all over.

4. How much is the government subsidy for installing solar energy systems?

In order to encourage residents to use clean energy, the government gives a certain amount of installation subsidies to residents who install solar energy systems. The amount of subsidies depends on the power of the installed solar panels. For a 6.66KW solar system, the government subsidy is about $3100.

The government subsidy is authorized by the customer and applied by Oriental Sunshine Company. The contract amount payable by the customer is the amount after deducting government subsidies.

5. Will government subsidies change?

Government subsidies drop by about 10% on New Year's Day every year, and there will be no subsidies after 2032. Therefore, residents should install as early as possible.

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